Senin, 08 November 2010

A Peacock Themed Wedding

We have had a very exciting 2010 and an are looking forward to an even more exciting 2011 as we become increasingly busier.  We are being booked up with at an alarming pace and have many wonderful weddings to plan, create and look forward to.
We are now busy here working on next year's wedding designs, details and planning many fabulous days for our brides. 
Our wedding planning and coordination service has also become increasingly busy for brides looking for that stylish element to their weddings combined with Carla's super organised skills.  Our clients this year are raving about Carla and the effort she puts into our weddings.  She is a star and works tirelessly, I am sure I have seen someone before like Carla and am thinking it is probably a James Bond film where she clicks her heels! 

I have to admit I have had a creative brain block this past few weeks, I am convinced my brain just shuts down on wedding overload, but finally today, after much fretting, the creative streak came back!!  It happens to me occasionally and I always panic but am beginning to understand that this seems to be a natural process in order to clear my mind and concentrate on the next projects I have.

As I start to work on our designs I will post them in the hope they will inspire your own wedding design or event.

Here we are creating a peacock theme for a wedding at the Finca de la Concepcion next year in June.  I am toying between the dark gothic look and the slightly more garden design for this wedding as it is set in the most amazing gardens.

I think a combination and balance of both will work well, not too dark and not too fluffy.

There are 7 bridesmaids so imagining them in varying colours of the peacock feather, purple, emerald greens and teal colours with a paler bouquet and then the bride in ivory with a darker bouquet. Men in dark navy suits with some fabulous ties.  We have even found peacock ties :)

I would welcome any comments or feedback as we showcase our wedding designs, I do think feathers are going to play a big part in weddings for 2011 as the vintage style takes on an 80's twist and gets bigger and bolder.

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