Minggu, 14 November 2010

Restaurant Cervantes Orange Square Marbella

It is not often I go to other restaurants outside of my favourites, but I was persuaded to try this restaurant by my sister, a food and cookery editor, who visited this restaurant this summer and has raved about it eversince and has nagged me to try it when I was not so busy working here in the summer.

My sister was so enthusiastic about the food and assured me it was perfect for me as it was delightfully prepared food in smaller portions as I hate being presented with huge platefuls of food. 

It also brings back memories of when we were children and our parents often took us into Marbella to eat out in the townhouse style restaurants of Marbella, including the Meson Pasaje, the Old Creperia, which is now Cervantes, and another wonderful restaurant that sadly is no longer there but it was like sitting in someone's dining room, in fact we probably were and being served the most delicious spinach a la creme by a Harry Worth lookalike !

So busy summer over and time to try these fabulous restaurants out, I booked a table and went with Loraine, a huge food and wine connoiseur, and the owner of the Arte Cafe and Earthscent.  We booked a table on the terrace and luckily on this November evening it was beautifully warm and mild and the view over Orange Square was just how I remembered it and magical.

 The menu choice was wonderful and it all sounded delicious, Loraine was stumped for choice which apparently is rare!  Loraine eats out most nights and is a real foodie, she had also been recommended this restaurant as well from another one of our clients,  so she was very excited and is still talking about the marvellous meal we had even now, so that says something!

What can I say, the food was to die for, it was beautifully presented, fabulous flavour combinations and just perfect.  The chef, who apparently is only 25 years old, is a genius.  I was in heaven at this restaurant.  I had a quail and chestnut salad to start, Loraine and I both had the lamb followed by some amazing bread puddings with passion fruit icecream for me and a parmesan icecream for Loraine.

This restaurant has only been open 5 months and is so worth a visit if you are a foodie, masterchef style diner.  For me it is already now on my list of special restaurants to visit and my sister and I are planning to go at Christmas.  It has an open fire as well so perfect for winter dining, with a lovely shabby chic feel to it, just hoping they have lots of candles there throughout the winter and the fire raging!

I get asked all the time for restaurants I recommend and this is certainly one of them, the owner, Phillipe, is charming and dropped off some leaflets to our shop the next day offering our clients a free glass of french champagne to anyone that wishes to visit this fabulous restaurant, so if you are looking for a real food heaven restaurant to visit this is definitely on our list, the quality of food and the service was outstanding.

Next time you are in Orange Square in Marbella, dont' fall into one of the tourist restaurants that charge you the earth for nothing spectacular, take the time to book a table at Cervantes and have a fabulous meal at the same prices prepared by the most extraordinary chef.

Their telephone number for bookings is 952 776 759

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