Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Engagement Shoot: Angela + Domenic

Photography: At First Sight Studio

At First Sight Studio Snippet: Angie and Dom’s engagement shoot was by far the longest we’ve ever done (4 hours!) but we were so happy to do it! We took them out for a classic date of bowling, drinks, and a romantic walk, but since we got along so well, one bowling game turned into two and one drink turned into Daniel and Dom having shots… you get the picture! I’m not sure that Angie or Dom were particularly into the bowling idea when Daniel and I suggested it, but we were so excited about it, and they trust us and our vision so much, that they went along with it. It was tougher to shoot than we imagined, but we were confident that we could give it a cool retro/vintage vibe and that photoshop would help us out to achieve this. As always, PS didn’t let us down and Angie and Dom, who were great in front of the camera, didn’t either. The result is one shoot that looks more like 4 different ones, but the more variety the better, right?

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