Senin, 20 Juli 2009

Real Wedding Inspiration: Moroccan Inspired Wedding

Photography: Elizabeth Messina
Blog: Kiss the Groom


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: lisa vorce of OH, HOW CHARMING! is truly amazing….she is a talented and devoted
event producer….she literally brings a couple’s dreams to life….and does so with such
grace….her weddings capture the personal style of a couple…feast your eyes on this….


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: this beautiful wedding took place at the figueroa hotel in los angeles….the bride’s
lovely beaded wedding gown was stunning….everything was truly magnificent…..


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: the location was perfectly suited to the bride & groom’s desire for a morocccan
celebration….and lisa’s attention to detail added the the overall experience…..
from the rich colors & stunning florals to the aroma of incense in the air…..


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: the couple had a beautiful huppa was made from pieces of fabric that had been sent
to all their guests before the wedding ….each guest made a square in honor of their
nuptials….they were literally standing beneath the blessing of their loved ones….


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: even the yamakas complimented the overall look & feel of the wedding….


Elizabeth Messina Snippet: lisa vorce is a truly talented woman….who weaves a couple’s personal style into
every event she produces….the result is beautiful events with intimate touches…..


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