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The New Classic Wedding Colour

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Every season, it seems like you hear things like, "Brown is the new black" or "Orange is the new pink". Weddings are certainly not immune to the whims of fashion, and every so often, you will hear of a new color being declared "The New White". So what is the new classic color, and how will it affect your wedding?

Different colors come in vogue for each wedding season, and yet there are also some that are perpetually popular. Yellow and grey, for instance, were hot colors this year, but who knows what brides will think about them a few years from now. One color, though, that you can count on to stick around is pink. In fact, you could almost declare pink to be the new white.

The next question to ponder is what it really means for a color to be the new white. It basically means that it is a color that you will see in all aspects of many, many weddings. It also means that replacing things that are typically white at weddings with pink will make them a bit different, but at the same time, safe. It is a nice way to add some color to your wedding without feeling like you are straying too far from the traditional or classic wedding style.

Because pink is such a soft and feminine color, it is easy to use either as a subtle accent to a mostly white wedding, or as a focal point. For instance, if you want just a hint of pink, then a great place to add it is to your custom bridal jewelry. Instead of the traditional look of all white pearl bridal jewelry, custom combine pink pearls or crystals with the white for a very sweet look.

On the other hand, if you can't get enough of pink, then you can go all out with your wedding attire. A pale ballerina pink is a completely acceptable alternative to a white wedding dress, even for the most formal or traditional weddings. For bridesmaid dresses, there are numerous pink options, but one of the most gorgeous is to use pink lace over an ivory background, or the reverse.

Another place that pink is the new white is wedding cakes. Again, you can go for a bold pink effect, or keep it more delicate. For a true pink cake, you will want pink frosting, of course, and you can top it off with pink flowers (fresh or sugar) in a deeper pink for contrast. If your main color is white, add a touch of pink to your cake with a pink polka dot or lace design for a delicate and feminine effect.

Pink is, of course, very easy to add to the centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral displays. This is another case where a dash of color could easily be worked into a more monochromatic white wedding. For spring brides, there are particularly wonderful options, such as dainty pink lily-of-the-valley, pink tulips in all shades, and gorgeous peonies. Of course, roses are also available in all shades of pink at any time of the year.

For a very pretty effect, you can also use your pink flowers as accents on the plates and even frozen into ice cubes for the drinks. Bringing your chosen color into unexpected parts of the wedding is a nice way to put your personal stamp on the reception. When you decide to use pink instead of white, you will find that there are lots of ways to customize your wedding.

By : Phie

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