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Yellow Wedding Favor Ideas

Yellow is a versatile color which looks great on almost every complexion. It's no wonder why wedding trends for 2009 name yellow as the color of the year. Yellow is a warm color, it denotes happiness and joy; hope and courage. These qualities are very symbolic for weddings - you are celebrating your union with happiness and joy. Together you are hopeful and courageous as you enter your new life together.

When used alone, yellow makes a strong impact. Depending on the shade, it could either be bold and daring or soothing and relaxing. Yellow works well for all seasons, think pale yellow for spring weddings, lemon yellow for a citrusy summer theme, and dark mustards and gold are fabulous for warming up fall and winter weddings.

If you are having a yellow themed wedding you may want to consider adding a punch of this sunny color into your reception decorations. While yellow flowers and even tropical yellow fish can be incorporated into your centerpieces, you may want additional items to decorate with. A great idea to add more color to your reception is to use yellow wedding favors.

While not many wedding favors are yellow, there are some out there! A great idea for yellow wedding favors that also comes from 2008 wedding trends is monogrammed beverage and edible favors. Monogramming is a hot trend for 2008, so why not incorporate your new initials in a fabulous take home gift? You can select from coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa, cocktail, tea favors or even personalized mint tins or Hershey bars in an assortment of yellow designs.

Another great yellow favor idea is mini refrigerator bumble bee magnets in the "Meant to Bee" design. Everyone loves magnets - they are a useful and fun favor. Whether your guests choose to use these little buzzing bees at home or at work, these are practical favors everyone will enjoy.

Two more great ideas are sunflower adorned favor boxes which you can fill with yellow Jordan almonds or other yellow candies. If you are having a beach or summer wedding, why not try starfish inspired yellow bath fizzers?

Although yellow favors are a bit harder to locate, you can find them with a bit of patience and lots of web searching! If all else fails, consider ordering yellow ribbons, yellow personalized stickers or tags and add them to your favors for that bit of color you are looking for.

By : Phie

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