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An Elegant Evening Wedding Dress

An evening wedding is not the same as an afternoon wedding, only held a few hours later. The nighttime hours hold a sense of drama and sophistication that set them apart from the tamer daylight hours. The whole feel and style of an evening wedding is more upscale, more chic, and above all more elegant. Everything from the attire to the décor to the food should reflect this shift in attitude as day becomes night.

As everyone knows, the bride is the focal point at a wedding, and it is really her gown that sets the tone for the entire affair. The first thing to decide is how formal you would like your wedding to be. If it will begin at 6pm or later, you can opt for a black tie wedding, which is the height of graciousness and style. If black tie feels a bit too stuffy for you, opt for a chic and elegant tone instead, with the men wearing modern cut suits and ties.

For a black tie wedding, the bride should choose a gown with a strong presence and a lot of impact. There is almost nothing that will feel too dressy. Feel free to experiment with details such as long trains, heavily embellished bodices, and tons of dazzling crystals and beads. The bride at a black tie wedding can also get away with a fairly ornate set of bridal jewelry, including everything from bold necklaces to dramatic drop earrings to sparkling crystal wedding bracelets. If you have decided against black tie for your evening wedding, go for a really striking and glamorous gown, such as a slinky silk sheath adorned with long drop earrings and several crystal wedding bracelets stacked together for more impact.

The décor at your wedding will definitely create the ambiance, and for an evening wedding, the must-have element is an abundance of candlelight. Imagine a dimly lit room set aglow with the flicker of hundreds of candles. The mood will be one of pure romance (not to mention, nothing is more flattering than candlelight). Choose elegant and sophisticated flowers for your centerpieces, like orchids or lilies. The floral displays should lean towards the dramatic for an evening affair. You may also want to rent some glittering crystal chandeliers to integrate into your tablescapes for the most elegance.

Evening weddings also call for food that is geared towards a sophisticated palette. Think about serving appetizers in high fashion ways, such as shots of soup or little bites served on porcelain spoons. For the main course, nothing is more chic than lobster or fresh seafood. You also cannot go wrong with the combination of caviar and an ice cold vodka fountain. This is a wonderful addition to an adults-only evening reception.

Nighttime weddings are a lot of fun, and planning them can be really enjoyable. Think about the special and unique details that you can include to make your wedding the height of elegance and style. The sophistication of an evening wedding makes for a memorable evening that your guests will not soon forget.

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