Kamis, 21 April 2011

An antidote for wedding anxiety...

 I LOVE Carrie's story--such a breath of fresh air, and a reminder that you really can get married your way:

Hello Elizabeth and ladies of The English Department!
I have been meaning to write since I got married in February, but haven't had the chance. I was originally going to get married this summer, but wedding stress made us get creative. My fiancé (Martin) and I ran off to New York City, and on February 18th we had a fabulous guerilla wedding inside MoMA (in front of our favorite painting, Vincent vanGogh's Starry Night). We're both artists, and not really the most conventional couple. So to scrap the big wedding and do something crazy suited us well. We did have a few family members show up to be a part of the fun. It was really the best day of our lives.
You made me a Giselle dress with a matching bolero, and I actually also ended up wearing a Twigs & Honey custom headband. I've never felt more lovely in my life. So again thank you, and I am attaching a few photos of our special day for you all to see.
 I didn't even know you could have a guerrilla wedding inside a museum! This changes everything. Thanks, Carrie! You look so happy.

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