Kamis, 14 April 2011

Spring Wedding in Sotogrande

Our 2011 weddings started off with a beautiful spring wedding at the Hotel Almanara in Sotogrande. Despite a slightly cloudy and overcast week the sun came out at lunchtime just in time for a late afternoon ceremony in the gardens of this charming hotel.

The colour scheme was spanish orange mixed with a chocolate and I have to admit I was slightly worried about this colour scheme for a spring wedding being such autumnal colours, but having arrived at the Hotel Almanara it all fell into place as the linens were all chocolate and coffee coloured.

I could now see why our bride and groom had picked the oranges, lemons and limes it just lifted it and tied in and the end result was fabulous.

This wedding was one where the bride and groom had been ingenious and worked with what the venue had to offer and really worked hard on the details, I had received parcels, strict instructions :) and lots of details to put together for the day and we were delighted with the end results.

My favourite part of the day was watching the ceremony begin and our bride dancing up the aisle to her H2B, it was truly magical and a moment that will stay with me for a long time :)

Here is our email a few days after the wedding

Thank you for everything, our decorations looked amazing, you did a fantastic job, thank you for the beautiful, stunning bouquets I am looking at them as I type this. They are drying out and getting ready for the album. Good luck with all your forthcoming weddings and big hugs.

I love the photo of Fi decorating the cake, the aisle lined with hurricanes filled with dried rose petals, the beautiful Bali umbrellas that photograph so well and on this occasion we had a ceremony sand set set out with orange, chocolate and cappucino sands, apparently these got mixed up on route back to London but this is what a marriage is about, a mixture!

Our thanks to Mireia for sending us these delightful photos and our warmest congratulations to our charming bride and groom and thank you for being our first wedding of 2011 :)

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