Minggu, 03 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Image from A Subtle Revelry

It is the English Mothers Day and despite living in Spain we still celebrate the UK one and of now of course the Spanish one as well on the first Sunday in May. I do think every mother deserves more than one Mother's day so this seems a good excuse to be multi cultural and have two :)

I was woken up this morning by a very excited Twinks who was clutching a beautifully decorated card with her name written in rainbow colours and lots of hearts :)

I wait in anticipation to see what my two older daughters have planned once they have recovered from their Saturday night excursions!

Despite the fact it is predicting rain, looking rather gloomy and I am struggling with some nasty bug, this is not putting me off and I am treating my wonderful mother to a lovely lunch to test out our favorite beach bar's newly revamped menu.

My lazy Sunday morning inspiration seeking has lead me to some very exciting sites and I am delighted to have fallen onto this site this morning, A Subtle Revelry. There is a new magazine featured on here called Styled, which looks fabulous and now I am wondering if I can buy this or subscribe, will have to find out more.

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