Sabtu, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Watching

The excitement of the Royal Wedding caught up with me eventually as I was suffering yesterday after staying up late to watch the preparations, I should know better really!
But what fun we had watching this beautiful and meticuously planned event unfold yesterday in London and go without a hitch apart from the slight wedding ring potentially not fitting (always a good tip for a wedding planner to carry a handcream with them!)

We loved everything, the trees in the Abbey were a highlight for me (albeit lacking in fairy lights!) along with the abundance of lily of the valley. The dress was exactly as I imagined it, with the Grace Kelly style and I loved the sister's dress, it was to die for but then so was her figure.

I do think the Middleton girls need to give some style lessons though to the two princesses, what a mess they were, I thought one looked like an explosion in a paint shop and the other looked like a giant pretzel! Apart from this style disaster we loved the day :)

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