Selasa, 12 April 2011

New website and cool new photo booth from Jeremy Standley

We are loving Jeremy Standley's new look website, it is clear and very user friendly and just fab to be honest, although I am sure there has been sweat, blood and tears long the way as the rebranding was taking place but well worth the finished result.

Being in the creative industry means a constant change, developing a strong brand image that you can live with is never easy as we are always changing our minds (I am a Libran as well which is a double whammy!) so I am personally impressed with this very well thought out, clear and dynamic website.

Even more excitement and we are soooo looking forward to a demo, is Jeremy's new photo booth, we cannot wait to have a go and really must blog the photos when the A team get in it, I can imagine us all jostling for space ;)

Knowing Jeremy as well as I do now, a lot of thought has gone into getting the right product and this new photo booth sounds amazing and great fun for weddings. High quality images (of course knowing Jeremy) online and on Facebook within 48 hours, a neat and attractive set up and no electricity needed (always a good thing in Spain!)

We are all getting geared up now for our wedding season and with all these new products and my cutting of the jelly wedding we really are very excited!

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