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Do you want give your love diamond but you do not know which to choose diamond rings ? Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, follow our tips to find the perfect wholesale diamonds either an engagement ring or wedding rings to celebrate an event like a wedding anniversary gift.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings

If you have the budget, nothing prevents you from turning to the diamonds for choosing your engagement rings. This precious stone, rare, symbolizes eternity. And getting married is to marry in this life and the hereafter. But how to choose your diamond ring? You just have to know the "4C" that are the color (Color), height (Cut), purity (Clarity) and the carat weight (Carat), which do not hesitate to add two more C: Certificate (Certificate), maintenance (Care).

How to choose your diamond ring

First of all diamond is a mineral composed of pure crystallized carbon, which is in the bowels of the earth at enormous pressures and temperatures. It is a rare gem and harder, and nothing can scratch a diamond. Is its weight, purity, color and size that determine its value and allow you to buy certified diamonds  with confidence and trust. Carrying the eye of an expert is needed to get it right.
  • The color of a diamond ring - The value of a diamond ring to makeityourring diamond engagement rings is subject to its color. More colorless the diamond, the greater its value. Assessing the color of white diamonds on a scale from white to very pale yellow exceptional (D Z). A diamond of D color is perfectly colorless, whereas the color of a diamond color Z pulling yellow tarnish the shine. And the eye can better judge the matter itself.
  • The size of a diamond ring - The quality of the stone depends on its size. More stone is cut, the more the diamond will shine. This is one of the criteria most important value, as it is for his brilliance and his life that the diamond is so popular.
  • The purity of a diamond ring - It is common for a diamond will be called "pure" when the eye of an expert there will detect any defect with a magnification of 10 times. Indeed, a 100% pure diamond does not exist because a high-magnification there will always be very small impurities in a diamond.Inclusions in a diamond are observed using a magnifying glass 10x magnification (10 X), it must be achromatic and aplanatic.
  • The weight of a diamond ring - The unit of weight of diamonds is the carat and 1 carat is 0.2 grams. The weight determines the size of the diamond cuts, but by no means alone does not determine the value of a diamond.
it is the reason we often associate diamond the diamond symbolizes eternity, wedding sets with love. So if you have the budget, nothing prevents you from turning to diamond jewelers.makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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