Rabu, 28 September 2011

A Fabulous Wintery Wedding Cake Find

A quick inspiration post as I gather ideas for our patient 2012 brides!
I found this image today of a grey lace crochet cake design by Sweet and Saucy. I love this idea to incorporate with a spanish themed wedding.

I also love the austere colours, grey is my favorite winter colour and combined with the dark wood cake stand is evocative of the dark wood we see here a lot in the traditional spanish bars and homes.

It really works for me and I can imagine designing a complete wedding to match this cake with a winter wonderland theme, using dark woods, crocheted table accessories, pine cones and a bit of sparkle combined with rustic charm, log cabins spring to mind as well and roaring fires! The list is endless as I am always captivated with Winter Wonderland Scenes!

Remember with one inspiration a whole event can be created.
Anyone any good at crochet!

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