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Makeityourring diamond Engagement rings The classic engagement ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. For the best value, find the engagement ring setting she'll love then devote the remainder of your budget to a beautiful, certified diamond.
How Much Should I Spend?

This is an emotional event, and a purchase that will last a lifetime. The two-months salary convention is a common starting point, but we believe that regardless of the amount you budget, your most important considerations should be quality and value.

This guide will help you choose an engagement ring setting she'll love, and decide on the right combination of diamond size and quality, so you're sure to choose the perfect ring.
Buying a diamond engagement rings is definitely a deal very specifically. Rings symbol of eternity and purity, makeityourring diamond engagement rings is the best proof of love. Engagement rings symbolizes the promise of a life together

The idea of buy white gold engagement rings  online and makeityourring diamond might seem preposterous, but if we had been told there are 10 this year, we buy online furniture and clothing, we do the probably would not believe. But we must admit, these days, buying diamond engagement rings to makeityourring diamond engagement rings on the internet fills many advantages.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings
First, buy rings online is cheaper, and it is not about small savings since you can find a promise rings on jewelry online from 20 to 60% cheaper than in store. The budget is crucial for most of us, and know that with a base budget, we can get a better quality diamond rings online for makeityourring diamond engagement rings  in store is a strong argument.
Choosing the correct shape of diamond for yourself can be quite confusing when exposed to the large collection of diamonds in jewelry houses. However, the most popular and classical diamond shapes for engagement rings are not only exquisitely beautiful and exhibit finesse, but can also be highly expensive. You can make one time investment on your engagement by buying these priceless diamonds. Let's go ahead with the different diamond shapes.

Types of Diamond Shapes

Round Shape
It's the most traditional shape of diamond ring having a brilliant shine and sparkle. Round shaped diamonds are fancied by almost everyone and is one of the most popular choice of brides and grooms. They look equally good in simple designs as well as when accented with other gemstones. The 58 faceted diamond engagement rings have a brilliant sparkle.

Oval Shape
A little different from the typical round shaped, oval shaped engagement rings are little elongated from the ends. It's also an antique piece and looks stunning when three stones lie side by side. The oval shape is actually a vintage style that has been revived once again. Oval cut diamonds suit best for men and women having long fingers.

Radiant Shape
This is actually a modern version of diamond shape that has been formed by blending emerald cut with round shape. The shape of the diamond is either rectangular or square but the sides are chiseled to make it radiant cut. The diamonds fitted into radiant cut engagement rings are large and expensive. These rings look best with gold and platinum setting.

Emerald Shape
It you are looking for some cost affordable shapes, then emerald cut diamonds are good option. However, you must always check the characteristics of emerald shapes because they lack in clarity sometimes. Moreover, the number of facets is also less as compared to other shapes. The stone matches up with white gold having side stones.

Princess Shape
Princess cut diamonds are more popular among girls and they come in square shape. It's is combination of brilliant and step cut that brightens up the spark and fire of the jewel. It has fifty facets with an amazing fire. The shape is trendy and it can be set with two other side stones or gemstones. A golden or platinum ring studded with princess diamond looks stunning.

But that does not mean that you will not have access to quality service! When you buy diamond engagement rings, sapphire rings or a solitaire diamond, it is reasonable to expect essential guarantees, and the opportunity to contact a customer service attentive, efficient and courteous. For an immediate response, jewels serious will provide you with a customer service call, and you'll also have the option to contact this service by e-mail.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings 

Asscher Shape
The octagonal or hexagonal Asscher cut diamonds appear to be heavy and weighty. The shape, although vintage, has evolved today with many variations. The most important aspect is the cutting of the diamond because of its beveled corners. Like emerald cuts, these stones sometimes come with flaws. People are attracted to it because it has a high clarity.

Pear Shape
A solitaire engagement ring with a pear shaped diamond is simply stunning. The feminine shape is renowned as tear drop diamond and has been blended with three different shapes, namely the marquise, round and oval. The 58 faceted stone has an excellent brilliance that is eye-catching. Pear shaped engagement rings are definitely worth a buy.

Heart Shape
It can be called the cutest of all diamond rings. It's a timeless gift symbolizing everlasting love. The lobed heart is known to possess the romantic shape that forms the choice of every couples. The elongated angles are cut with high precision creating the perfect symmetry for the lobes. Heart shaped diamond rings are simply timeless and look gorgeous.

Trilliant Shape
This is a unique diamond having triangular shape. It has 50 facets and the sides are treated equally. It's one of the most contemporary design for engagement rings that is matched up with expensive gemstones. The trilliant stone is secured at the center and the bezel setting is a popular choice. The ring appears extravagant when embellished with miniature stones.

Cushion Shape
The cushion cut diamonds were also known as pillow cut when it was first introduced. More or less it appears like an oval shaped diamond although variations exist. Cushion shapes have lost their popularity today as is considered to be the remnants of vintage old mine cut. If you are still eager to adorn this, then check for the clarity before buying.
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