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Ring Buying Guide I want to write about how to buy jewelry for your loved ones that he and wife / mistress awek anda.Sebagai you or a normal man, probably the first time you get to the gold shop is when you want to buy a ring, engagement or even sama.Masa I pegi risik.Aku survey bastard is anything I do not tahu.916, 835, any thing all that?

Ring Buying Guide

1. The most important tips I learned: Find out the price fluctuations emas.Yang ni not even sure I want to see where I asked aje lah mana2 1 gram gold jewelery shop now berapa.Sekarang Posted gold price RM142 a day gram.Bulan 6 tu gold price tidal Rm125.Ada about him.

2. Do not pegi brand shops like Habib, Poh Kong or T-Zed.Aku at surveys and most of his price a little expensive (I do not know how I can be expensive if the price should be standardized, may want to wage a ring shape tu expensive coat?) But is another: Unless you want to buy a ring, you better go diamond engagement rings isolated and away from me, I bought my pegi Banting.Haha! name jewelers I pegi? Gold Tai Yick! Illegal glemer no choice but the more from Poh Kong.

3. There are two types emas.Satu yellow gold, white gold.Kalau follow another trend longer mmg lawa white gold white gold BUT JAP value.Kalau second hand suddenly masa2 money desperately wanted to wear the front, yellow gold is guaranteed a higher price. How? I do not tau.Harga pulak yellow gold more expensive one hundred and two.

4. When you buy white gold, see my ring, there are three nombor.525 to 725 to 455 to (I do not sure her number) and what numbers to use that? Tu number indicates how many percent percentage of gold contained in tu.Untuk white gold ring, Our 725 number he ambik example, meaning rings Posted by white gold 72.5% and 27.5% is high steel.Lagi stainless percentage, more expensive white gold ring harga.Harga start from RM300 (which I Usha) to grade 425 (most cikai )

5. For yellow gold, which I have two types of Usha, 835 and 916. 835 diamond ring is usually placed a few items and according to kedai2, ring 916're not suitable for parking for hard rock diamond ni want to set (the original) so it is usually used ring 835 Posted engagement / wedding because there are diamonds and women really like diamonds because diamonds are their true friends, not race lelaki.Ingat you!

6. Ni talked about diamonds, there are two types berlian.Satu is a natural diamond from the earth and the other is man-made diamonds are called "zircon." Shops must separate the two types have the original ni.Berlian FAR more expensive than zircon zircon, but the advantage is the stone on your ring will be far more substantial than diamonds sebenar.Jadi, choose sendiri.Nak style, select zircons, want the original, right ambik diamonds. Design is much more best zircon ring it because he besar2 and stone diamond ring with stones right ni he usually batu2 he kecik2 je, because if I can rock besar2, the man should be working non-stop day and night there are many different setahun.Harga, zircon ring I need a lot murah2 JE, RM300, RM400 lebih.Yang diamonds right? RM500 and above for the diamonds of dust.

7. The most important thing! Shops ni no association of gold sellers and the majority of districts in Malaysia, the gold shops association tersebut.Masalahnya triathlons, when diorang ni tu join the union, the price of gold is gold pakar2 standard.Cuba ask your family or a toroidal makcik2 always look at the full feast of my gold to buy murah.Sebab benefits he was too big.

Say ... the price of RM142 and prices elsewhere in the district who did not join the union ni usually cheaper at RM15-RM20 per gram emas.Jadi, if you like a ring 9 grams worth RM1278 in KL, the price in a place not join the union but Rm1098.Murah close to RM200.

The example I can give, Kuala Pilah, State Sembilan.Harga gold elsewhere now RM142 kat, kat Kuala Pilah the same 1 gram gold price of RM40 a gram.8 grams Rm102.Murah at RM320.Ye, New Segment is a region that did not join the union I know.


Orait, bit I learn more about buying gold, we have to the next step is to persuade awek / fiancee / wife that you do not follow the demand and the ability anda.Langkah mintak you should go through are:

1. Ask him, like gold, white gold kuning.Terpulang is to demand it.

2. I want diamonds to zircon? Men expect women choose zircon, women usually like buat2 step ni do not mind which one but really he just wants to correct the biggest diamonds you have to step up mampu.Jadi men la sket right? Buy la natural diamond!

3. Mintak example of a ring to make the measurement of time simulating beli.Jangan I want to measure your own finger wear if he is not the stranger you.

4. Ask him, "If I buy my JAP shop name to U ok?" If he says I branded stores, please apply dua.Kalau a credit card he said "where the brothers could" marry aje la cepat2, do another strip.

5. When all I OK, please come to the gold shop of your choice and surveys dulu.Tanya tu a gram how many stores, some discount to the usual ayat2 .... not.

Tips-Tips When Buying

1. I kind of do not care what so often I wear anywhere with jeans and a t-shirt bundle 5 ringgit.Bila I pegi tu-day round-round, many shops look ripped trousers when I enter the ring kahwin.Jadi, back when I want to survey after that, I wear a gold shop KOT.Serius pegi have aa good service all the salesgirl came up to me like my show-macam.INGAT: When I survey, wear coats! He bawak show me round the shop all the collection which he has, chains, ring, ring .... 3 people salesgirl treated aku.Mungkin diorang fascinated by the charisma of that suit me in the shopping complex.

2. Buat2 pakar.Aku feel like what I write here is quite to my least you can be stylish poyo little time to buy and at least does not look like a deer in the village.

3. When I pegi shopping, GO OWN takpun invite invite family anda.JANGAN ONCE HE IS! That's when you invite him once, chances are what you choose HIGHLY NOT SUITABLE for the dia.Bayangkan, you show a ring that you feel beautiful on the you and fit it with your budget, then you see her face as her eyes like nose dock docking ring sidelong-glance at the shelves next to you trying elakkan.Kalau not want any pressure to buy time, PEGI YOURSELF, DO NOT asked her SEKALI.Ni a gift from you, you choose, whether he likes or not, your responsibility is make the best of your ability follow.

4. If you feel like not sure which one is the ring of attractive salesgirl asked tu wear and front gayakan anda.Aku mintak gayakan salesgirl ni cincin2 alone that I choose the middle, she had a style, so I AII, like model.Siap can play around the eyes again . Luckily I do not terkam.

When can I ring you feel right at him and you enjoy the look he wore, buy, do not much soal.Pesanan me, is where you buy mampu.Dalam ni chapter, do not follow the very desire you can not afford to race perempuan.Kalau and awek / fiancee jugak you want to demand that he delights in, asked her to marry a Prime Minister.

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