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Choosing Your Wedding Dress Neckline

After deciding on the shape of your gown, the next step is to choose the style of neckline. The neckline is probably the most prominent aspect of a wedding gown, and because it also draws attention to your face, it's worth spending some time considering your options.

Necklines vary in style. Some sit high and others, low. Some reveal a lot of skin, while others are more modest. Your choice depends on what appeals to you and on your physical characteristics, such as the size of your bust, the width and shape of your shoulders and arms, and the length of you neck. You should also think about how your fair will be styled and what accessories you want to wear before making a final decision. To help you with your selection, here are the 10 most popular necklines.

Strapless Offers a classic, timeless look. Complements square shoulders and accents the collarbone. Enhances a small bust and is perfect for embellishments such as beading.

Asymmetric Features a simple yet striking one-shoulder style line. Enhances not-too-broad shoulders and arms. Best suited to small to medium-sized busts. Minimal need for accessories.

V-Neck Flattering for most bust sizes, especially fuller busts. Lengthens the neck and widens narrow shoulders. Ideal for swept-up hairstyles and showcasing bold jewellery.

Boat Neck Follows the line of the collarbone and gives great coverage for a sleeveless style. Widens narrow shoulders and elongates the neck. Best for small to medium-sized busts.

Sweetheart Features a low-cut neckline in the shape of the top half of a heart. Perfect for showing some tasteful cleavage. Softens the look of a strapless neckline.

Halter-Neck Neckline can be high or plunge deeply and is well suited to a low-cut back. Showcases toned shoulders and arms. Suits a small bust, but not broad shoulders or narrow shoulders.

Spaghetti Straps Softens the strapless neckline, with fine straps giving a delicate, feminine look. Offers potential for creative strap detailing and ornamentation. Enhances small busts and narrow shoulders.

Portrait Features a wide, soft scoop that spans across the shoulders. Widens narrow shoulders and chest. Shows off great collarbones, but not suited to bony collarbones.

Scoop Neck A softer version of the V-Neck. Also known as the ballerina neckline. Widens a narrow chest, lengthens the neck and minimizes a large bust. Suits all styles of gown and body shapes.

Off-The-Shoulder Flattering for fuller busts, although a strapless bra is required. Lengthens the neck and shows off the collarbone. Provides coverage for upper shoulder and arm areas and a perfect focus for jewellery.

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