Senin, 10 Januari 2011

We love Garlands!

One of the key elements to any event dressing or design is to work overhead, (above 6ft in my old terms of learning the display basics :)
Any decorations that are above eye level immediately capture the attention of your guests and create a convivial atmosphere whether it be party, spooky or festive.
If you want to add impact to decorating an event or a room there are a few key elements and this is one of the most effective to date, as well as lighting an event.
What I love at the moment is the creativity that is appearing with garlands and decorations, taking it away from the rather tacky foil 70's decorations we all knew and possibly loved, with the Retro 70's fashion back in style this could be now forgiven and almost classed as tasteful, although not in my book :)

However I do love these new ideas emerging from the tissue pom poms and then the hanging garlands strewn around venues to create a lovely party atmosphere from paper hearts to buttons on a string, the theme for this idea is endless and I think really it kicked off in 2009 with the fashionable bunting idea and has progressed from there.
Definitely a trend worth creating from photos strung up on strings of your loved one and your courtship, to paper hearts, tassels really the possibility is endless and one garland would make such a difference to your event, personalise it and make it more fun.
Reviva Weddings are now offering paper heart garlands from as little as 5 euros for 2 x 3 metre lengths in their shop and can make bespoke garlands and pom poms to fit in with your wedding theme, we also advocate the use of your photos to string on a washing line at your wedding to create that truly personal touch to your wedding and have the cutest clothes pegs and washing lines ready!
I have stolen these fabulous photos from Elizabeth Anne designs one of my inspiration blogs I visit constantly, for more inspirations head over to take a look.
A wonderful idea for kids parties too that could easily be made up with favorite characters, in my case princesses!
In fact many moons ago when I decorated my sister's 21st birthday party (yes I was doing it then!) I created pink baskets of dolly mixtures as well suspended from the ceiling for the guests to help themselves, all I recall from this party was pulling out the staples from my parents ceiling the next day with a delightful hangover before they arrived back from Spain, they were none the wiser!

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