Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Running a Business in Spain!

Finally we are able to connect back to the internet but it has been a very frustrating journey having been left completely cut off 5 days ago which is a nightmare when you are running a business.
Spain has it's good points but also some very bad points and given it's current economic state I am always amazed at how the Spanish companies do everything they can to make life slightly more difficult, but I am a tenacious soul who has battled through 10 years of not a smooth running life to be honest but the sun always shines through! :)
OK so Spain is in a recession and I cringe when I see that the larger Spanish companies are taking over other countries, for example Santander bank is now set up in the UK?! How?!
Back to internet and phone lines in Spain, we decided to change our service providers whilst we were quieter in the winter months, so I took a look at what was available, having compared everything I thought I would give BT cocoon a try, they are advertising heavily and offering great deals, I was fed up with telefonica due to their very poor customer service and very high bills, so decided to give BT Cocoon a try.
Famous last words, we were disconnected from Telefonica, and BT Cocoon have no adsl lines available to give us?!!!!!! Hence I have been without internet for 5 days due to Telefonica's crap customer service and BT Cocoon's ability to be able to sell something that they cannot provide. I am no further on, I have had to go out and buy a Vodafone stick just to get connected back to the internet and to be faced with 85 emails to answer.
I cannot imagine this would happen anywhere else if you were changing a service provider, I dread to think what would happen if I decided to change my electricity provider here, would I be cut off for a week? I am not sure, but to all our brides who are wondering where we are, we are here and now ploughing our way through emails so we will be in touch with you as soon as we can :)!

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