Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

makeityourring diamond engagement rings1

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings1, This morning it rained. Cold biting my body. My eyes kept watching every point of the rain that hit the ground. This month december for Christmas, but I missed October. Began to envelop my body a little warm which I froze when I looked at the ring is engraved the name of a girl "libra". October that he began to open the eyes of this world, and sheds light on the sky of hope both parents, and now he illuminates my heart. I miss him, miss october, makeityourring diamond engagement rings1

The sun was barely visible but warm start I guess. Want mocked because of the warm sun was replaced by the libra. A little scared damned guns dry-dry laundry, my  resistant. Long guns rain let up and the sun king laughed width master blue sky. Apparently the sun is more arrogant than I am. Sorry I resisted taunts me. Now he began to grow arrogant to make my body began to grip. Sweat began to creep out I think the sweat from the pores of my skin.

I'm still sitting on the porch of the house was silent. This teak wood chair I think it could not bear to swore at me to move. I care not though I think my butt was already hot. Now radiate heat throughout my body because of pride of the sun. But heat is not comparable with the longing that plagued my heart. I still miss him, miss him very much, miss ocktober, libra girl girlfriend.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings1 questions with no answer whispered in my ear compete. "What's he doing?", "Him where?", "Good-good is he?" Like a heart that is the question of journalists in my thoughts. Did not do anything and remain silent. My mind began to prejudice leads to negative preconceptions. "Is she with another ?", "Did he forget me?", "Whether he was angry with me?" Questions that adorn my brain.

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