Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Fabulous Inspirations for 2011 weddings!

OMG I have just stumbled upon this fabulous Zenadia Design, that is so worth a visit as it has everything I imagined possible for the 2011 wedding trends and sums the style of 2011 weddings up perfectly.
The blues are everywhere making a huge comeback from the elegant navy to the ice blues, combined with the corals and peaches and still using the vintage washed out ivories.
For me personally it is the first inspiration board I absolutely love, although I am torn :)

It was the navy inspirations I was looking for tonight and I was surprised how many colours work well with navy from the lime greens, oranges to the pale nude pinks, bright pinks and yellows.
We will be posting more navy ideas for weddings shortly as we are working with many beautiful weddings using this colour but all the shades of blues and greys are popular this year, however not turquoise though seems to have had it's day for now, but more sharper or subtle blues are the way forward with a warm coral or peach.

I also have a feeling watching the fashion world that the oriental theme will be back but with bolder colours which I think reflects on the third inspiration board we have posted on here tonight with the slight tropical theme. I will be also researching this trend and posting more about this as well.
I do hope this helps our brides and our readers to get creative, I love it when I stumble upon sites like this, they are worth their weight in gold and we thank them for sharing their ideas with us and I am grateful they continue to inspire me.

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