Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

January Inspirations

I have been scouring the internet tonight, which I love to do, searching for hugely talented and stylish inspirations, not necessarily wedding related.
Being a designer it does not really matter what the subject is, it is finding out the trends and latest styles that I can then portray into my work and creative thought processes which is important for me to progress and refresh as I call it!
It is awful to see so many hugely tacky websites with double wedding rings and doves :( and a rare breath of fresh air to see some truly stylish ideas and designs which I have decided this year to share with you even if it is not to do with weddings as it does at the end of the day all tie in together. In fact I am considering starting a separate blog about design and interiors as I know that most of my readers are looking for wedding inspirations and do not want to see the latest cushion trend unless of course they are having a chill out area!

I have my favourite blogs I read, as and when I have time, which is not often in the summer, but a real passion of mine in the winter to refuel and recharge.

One of my favourite blogs is A Bun Can Dance by Denise, I am not sure why, maybe I miss the UK at times (subconciously!) but I just love stopping by to see what Denise is up to, she has for me an ideal life, I am sure she would argue this one, and is a hugely creative dressmaker and craft extraordinaire plus a very deep thinker which I love. Another one of my favourite blogs is Decor 8 for contemporary design inspirations which lead me tonight to this fabulous blog about Morocco.
Secretly I am planning a trip there next month on my own as need some time out and creative space to plan and think (plus maybe some shopping!) so I fell upon this beautiful venue in Morocco that I think I will be heading for shortly. You must take time out to visit this fabulous blog if you are interested in Morocco. I could do with a travel mate as I am nervous about Moroccan's having been attacked here on the beach once by a nasty one, so if anyone is interested in coming along with me for a 3-4 day trip let me know!!!

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