Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

To Clutter or not to Clutter!

Ok January is here and I have been clearing out cupboards, re-organising my spaces and decorating since November firstly to get ready for Christmas and now because that is what you do in January!
My little sister is a senior creative editor for a fabulous publisher called Ryland Peters and Small, hence I am hugely spoilt with some fabulous books she produces from interior styling to weddings and food I have a whole bookcase devoted to my favourite subjects!
Having been given this beautiful book by her recently it has been my bible as I decorate my home over my quieter winter months.
I am a clutterless freak which is difficult with kids in the house but I love a clean white walls and clean white surfaces and I am a Habitat/Conran girl at heart with a dash of Zara Home thrown in for good measure, in fact I cannot walk past these shops without just popping in!

I have worked my way through most of the house over the past three months, I am constantly reorganising my cupboards, kitchen, wardrobes, changing photos, frames, decorations, furniture, cushions. In fact often I wonder if the kids think they have entered the wrong house, but to date they live in some teenage cloud and don't seem to notice much unless their washing has not been done or there is no food in the fridge :)

Occasionally I get a pull towards the shabby chic, but I know it is not for me and end back with my clean lines and colour balance!!! Although I love this book there are some rules I follow and others I don't, the thought of hanging clothes out on walls is just not my thing!
My colour scheme has also headed back to lots of whites with flashes of magenta, olive and turquoise which is looking fabulous and I love it.
Next stop is my lounge just a coat of white paint everywhere and a few more delightful touches for the spring and I will then be back to wedding world again in the summer that I cannot wait for! I am also in search of a silver Moroccan style mirror but planning my trip to Morocco may well tick that one off my list :)

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