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makeityourring diamond engagement ring. Say you see an diamond engagement ring and for you. And a diamond ring. If you decide to marry, you prove that love with an engagement ring. This is not just a standard ring.

There are several reasons to celebrate. You do not often a diamond ring as a gift. That is not surprising, because a diamond ring is still often associated with a unique event as a marriage, for example, your neighbor's birthday or some other random person.

No, rather think of an anniversary because you're a certain time together. That is a concern but certainly a marriage together for unmarried couples. It is finally becoming more common for people not married but definitely stay together throughout their lives. Why would they not entitled to a beautiful diamond ring?

makeityourring diamond engagement ring

Stone most common among left diamond engagement rings. He is the ultimate symbol of love, which symbolizes purity and eternity. In antiquity, it was thought that the diamond imposed chastity before marriage, and custom from him, respected long until marriage as girls to remain virgins. However, when buying a diamond lover for his future wife, must take into account the cut stone, clarity, color and carat.


 The cut refers to how the stone has been polished, the angles and proportions of the diamond's brilliance ultimately leading to results. Diamonds can be done in many forms, such as emerald, oval, teardrop, marquise, while remaining the most popular round shape (whose version is brilliant - the diamond with 57 facets). Clarity refers to the degree of purity, ie the existence of natural inclusions within the stone, usually only found defective by a professional magnifier. A diamond is judged by color and by its lack or rather: the less colorful, the more valuable. Carat is the unit of stone size and although the price impact is shown to not only buy this item in mind.

But even if the diamond will always be en vogue, there are other precious stones that can adorn the engagement ring. Color stone engagement ring confers a special significance commitment by both primer. In addition, it is said that the stones are filled with personality that adapts to the vibrations they wear ... Sapphire, for example, Best Selling gem in the world, evoking her sincerity, wealth and loyalty. It is a stone, aimed particularly at those sentimental, sensitive. This stone inspires tranquility, and color of the sky or ocean. Ruby, on the other hand, signifies victory, love, wealth and passion ... gem time being reserved for only men to be worn. Like all stones, its value is assessed according to color.

The most expensive is blood-red ruby - a ring for women passionate. Emerald is the gem whose symbols are known to be hope, fertility and financial welfare of the couple. The more green, the stone is precious. Emerald is a stone very sensitive, and therefore difficult to cut, so that it rings întânim rectangular or octagonal form (better withstand shock). Legend says that the emerald stone engagement given the breaks when he committed adultery.

The women indicated very active! But the stone engagement ring is not only important but also the precious metal that is created. Typically, use platinum, yellow or white gold.
But over all these legends and rules, the most important is to note that the engagement ring is primarily a personal gem, with great emotional and symbolic.

makeityourring diamond engagement ring in the past and today

diamond engageme
Many of today's engagement habits are deeply rooted in ancient times. They lost their original meaning and have been adapted to modern society. In the past, a marriage proposal was done in a subtle manner. A gentleman who proposes to a lady that was sending his wife a pair of ladies gloves. Lord knew if the proposal was acceptable if the lady wore gloves to church next Sunday. Nowadays things have changed and most couples choose to show their covenant to each other through a ring, usually made of gold and possibly a gem. In the 1400s, for example, in Italy engagement rings have to be diamond.

makeityourring diamond engagement ring

Over time things have changed around 1700 and 1800 and other precious stones have become popular. They wanted to have a meaning and a special bond between the stone ring and wonder, like the original stone to be the same with the groom.
An interesting type of engagement ring was the ring Gimme.

The jewel was actually composed of three parts. During the engagement every couple have a party, and have witnessed the engagement of the third party. Only during the marriage ceremony the three parties were united in a ring worn by the bride. In this way, became the engagement ring wedding ring. In many countries, remains the standard for diamond ring with a marriage proposal. Clear and bright stone symbolizes purity, durability and hardness of stone is a symbol of love couple. The Greeks believed that the diamond is the tear of the gods.
Engagement Ring be worn on the third finger of his left hand. It is said that this finger has a vein leading directly to the heart, so the ring is directly linked to heart girl. Currently, few people know this explanation. Today wearing a ring on the finger of the left hand simply means that the lady is "taken."


It could just be that you want to own a diamond ring. Is not so crazy, and if it fits your budget, why not? There is also a lot less hassle to do than to such an engagement.

You know about what you like, and you do not sneak in to do the search or purchase. There is no reason why you should not spoil yourself with a diamond ring. If possible, why not?

On the death of a loved one to say goodbye to many things. But most of a person you prefer to remain with you imagined. A ring is a beautiful symbol of this infinite feeling. While the one is gone, you can wear the ring whenever you want.

This need not happen too garish. A chain around your neck with the ring it is also possible. As long as your memories, you will lose the one you're still part of your life.

The other side of the coin may be a marriage crisis. Say you have a specific day (first kiss, wedding day, everything is important for some people but for others to forget) forget that you can be seriously resented.

Or what if you have done something wrong and you have something serious to make up? A diamond ring as goedmakertje may sound cheap, but it certainly is not. Budget of course you choose, but an ultimate gesture of love is surely a diamond ring. Think of an makeityourring diamond engagement ring

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