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diamond three more of the purity of the diamond its unique features: The color, cut and carat count also have influence on the individuality of the diamond. Together they are known by the 4C.


The cut of a diamond is the only trait that can be influenced by man. Diamond is a very good ground, he can reflect light better and he gets
by his fire and brilliance. The grades are:
• very good
• good
• Medium
• low
"Favorite diamond" guarantees all offered at a very good cut stone and thus
a very high quality. The diamond is distinguished in particular by the different types of ground
be, for example, brilliant, marquise, princess cut or drop. In our online shop you can choose from the variety
Select the most common forms of grinding your personal favorites.


The graduated color of a diamond determines how he approaches the colorless. In an absolutely colorless diamond white light easily penetrates the stone and comes in rainbow colors from again. The color is classified by an expert by the following graduations:
• D, E, F, G: the very near colorless, rarely
• H, I, J, K, L: white to slightly tinted
• M, N, O, P, Q, R, S - Z: visible yellow tint


Almost each diamond shows no inclusions of crystallized carbon. In most cases these with the naked eye can not be identified. Adduced to the less inclusions a diamond, the higher its value. Moreover, when small inclusions reflect more light to penetrate through the stone and thus gives it its beauty. The international classifications are broken down as follows:

• IF (internally flawless)
• VAV (tiny bubbles)
• VS (very small inclusions)
• SI (small inclusions)
• I (obvious inclusions)


The weight and the size of a diamond is measured in carats. A carat is equal to 0.2 g. With this 530.20 carat Star of Africa is the largest cut diamond in the world history. However, two diamonds of equal weight can be very different, it depends on cut, color and purity.- makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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