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The symbols of love

The symbols of love
February is the month of love ... so I've prepared a short series of articles in honor of the emotion that has caused the most ink in all the literature, and worldwide! First article today, symbols of love ... go!
Among the best-known symbols, Cupid, hearts, lace and ribbons, the dove and the swan, the signature XXX
Cupid: Son of Venus, the goddess of love, Cupid in Roman mythology is the god of love. Cupid comes from the Latin "cupido" which means "desire." In Greek mythology, it corresponds to Eros.
It is generally represented by a naked child, with a bow and silver arrows, often crowned with roses, the symbol of pleasure and sometimes blindfolded to represent the blind love.
Legend has it that if one touches you with his arrows, you will fall madly in love with the first person you look!
The heart: It is the oldest symbol of love, it is commonly used since prehistoric times to represent the seat of émotions.Depuis antiquity, red hearts are synonymous with faithful love.
Lace and ribbons: On the 1st Valentine cards are often found in lace and ribbons. The word comes from Latin Lace "laquaere" which means catch. In the past, women were falling their handkerchiefs "inadvertently" to attract the attention of a man and "catch" her heart ...
The dove and the swan: The dove is the symbol of romantic love, it symbolizes grace, gentleness, purity ... The Swan when symbolizes loyalty to him was the favorite bird of Venus. The male remains faithful to the same female throughout his life.
Sign XXX: This goes back to the beginnings of catholiscisme, X then represented a cross, symbol of faith. When we could not write an X and it embraced the cross and witnessed! The practice of kissing the cross gave rise to the X symbolizes the kiss.
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