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Regards friendship, Through this blog I tried sharing about my personal collection of precious stones. Using jewelry for me is one form of existence, color express yourself:). Each gem has its own character and influence for the wearer. I personally use it for the purpose of jewelry, embellish, giving the impression of glamorous and elegant. I post all my collection to give refreshing rock fans all, just "eye wash":). If there is pleasing to you, please SMS / YM me. 
Collections are guaranteed 100% original stone (MONEY BACK GUARANTEE). Please be studied and compared to past prices. I accept barter also if there is a match. There is also some experience and knowledge base articles that I can sharingkan to fellow colleagues who want to learn and pursue new hobbies this gemstones. My collection can also be seen on the link: http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=3843343 Contact: sapongems@yahoo.com (Email / YM) +62818.0818.0384 (Call / SMS) View my complete profile

http://w21.indonetwork.co.id/pdimage/59/1594759_batupermata.jpgIf you follow this blog, you will realize the trend of prices of precious stones which tend to rise and turnover of goods is quite high. Why is that? As information for granted that the standard price of the gemstone now started to increase. People started many choose precious stones (sapphire, ruby, emerald, cat eye) as an alternative investment. So, not only the increased price of gold:). Increased demand and prices of precious stones will begin to be felt from the beginning of the year 2011 (Although minor sebelumnya2 increasement). So if you start a new penhoobby, it can be ascertained there is no wrong and lose by trying to invest in precious stones.

So if the items never seen tiba2 is not there? Please check in "SOLD - ...." bro. Wise words for this blog: "Buy slowly and clay around, but take a decision soon!" coz the same chance-on-one items never come back twice:)

All goods will be shipped using express services TIKI / JNE / RPX (Insurance, over 10 special items jt). Preferably COD, for friendship, relationship and trust can be built between the Seler and buyer.Untuk customers outside Jakarta would be unde 
rstandable if only through pictures / Non-COD. Therefore sapongems preparing a video that no guile edit2/photoshop in the picture. Sapongems `ur satisfaction is priority! Smua shortage of stone will be delivered in a clear and open, transparent smua information, not marketing ditutup2i with words so that even if only via telephone and kirim2an, remain cust get the full picture. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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