Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

Curtains - An Easy Peasy Way That Made My House A Home!

Today my darling readers I am going to tell you about one of my failsafe tips on how to make a house a home. I've blogged about it here before but today I have some visuals which is really going to bring it home. So lets get into it! One of the best tricks to make a house a home is to use drapery like curtains to make a space feel done. Here is a pic I took on the weekend of our living room sans drapery. As you can see it looks .... flat! But as soon as I add some really inexpensive IKEA curtains, boom, the room is looking much more finished. Take a tip from Nate Berkus and accentuate height and create a more dramatic feel by hanging your curtain rod as high as you can. If you are stuck on colour, go for a basic neutral like I have and use other elements like pillows or throws to inject more colour - I'm totes digging my grey white and lavender combo at the moment!

Before: Flat City

After: Finished Room Goodness!

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