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Engagement - responsible step, drastically changes the life of two people. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings How to make a marriage proposal to the stars swirled in the sky and fall into your hands with delight? Read our tips and scripts engagement.

Recently, the decision and the desire to get married more often born to the couple together. Rarely, when kneeling Romeo with excitement and trepidation waiting - agree or not. However, even if the fears of possible answers you have no lover, and the question arose about the wedding a long time, anyway - the most decisive step on the path to marital happiness for man. Even if you've been living together.

Engagement: we know

Engagement - the event. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings It's a small festival of love. After obtaining consent, you will now be called the bride and groom, and all thoughts and actions will be directed to a pleasant and bustling preparations for the wedding . That all this trouble and preparation will lead to the fact that after the wedding ceremony you will be able to call her his wife.

Meet the Parents

Modern morals do not involve asking permission to marry from their parents. Especially if you live together long history of independent living. However, it is a beautiful tradition can bring a lot of pleasant moments for you and your family. Make an offer only first bride, and she in turn let warn parents. Must also know the father of the bride - to give it for you or not.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings create the right mood will suit a quiet family dinner, during which the groom will ask permission to take their constriction in the legitimate wife.

But remember, if the bride's parents have a negative pre-configured and against marriage, it is better not to make such a representation at the risk of turning dinner into tragic farce.

Parents of the groom, usually reported on the upcoming wedding. The solemnity of the moment must be anchored drinking of champagne and toast by saying a greeting and beautiful speeches.

Engagement ring

engagement ring
From Hollywood to penetrate our minds a picture perfect wedding. Therefore, asking for their favorite to marry you, the giving engagement ring is mandatory.

Engagement ring - a guarantee of seriousness and sincerity of feeling. Traditionally, such a ring has to be a diamond, while the engagement ring could be without any gemstones.

Choosing engagement ring , you should consider the tastes of the bride - whether she likes yellow or white gold. What stones prefer? It is not enough simply to give a huge diamond. Stone should mean something to you. If you know that some other precious or semiprecious stone like more beloved, give him necessarily. It is also a good way, if you want to give a beautiful, designer engagement ring, but the money is not enough for diamonds. If on the contrary, you are giving engagement ring, such as topaz, amethyst or aquamarine and want to make a gift more expensive, such a ring and can be decorated with diamonds. The main thing is not to overdo it. All the same engagement ring - should be graceful and gentle.

Often, after the wedding Engagement and wedding rings are worn on a woman the same finger. Therefore, it must be Engagement ring, not ring, so it was convenient to combine them.

engagement romance If you are unsure of engagement ring, you can try to quietly take a favorite of any other ring sellers specify at what she wears finger (but do not take your little finger and thumb), to roughly calculate the size of the ring finger.

Can still be a dream wrap around her finger with a thread, note the size of the coverage of the finger and then present it in a store. In any case, it is better to take the ring slightly larger than a smaller one. In addition, you can always agree to exchange the ring if not the correct size (only if it is not an exclusive ring).

For lovers of grand gestures suitable variant of joint choice of the ring. Just tie a lover's eyes and bring it to a jewelry store. This will be an eloquent rite of betrothal to scant the manifestation of feelings and words of men. In this scenario, but only one, you must be willing to buy her any ring, what she wants!

Engagement: Scenarios

Not all couples tend to over-romantic and pink hearts. The proposal needs to be done so that it was just your holiday - just for two, filled with special meaning.

Scenario fun engagement

Go to the circus with clowns agree in advance to get your favorite scene with you, have some fun out there and make her an offer.

Laugh a woman! Women like men with whom you can laugh merrily. Galina Vishnevskaya, recalled that after she met her future husband, Mstislav Rostropovich, and he told her a few days, stories and anecdotes. She was laughing like crazy, and she had no choice as to marry him.

The scenario of sudden engagement

sudden engagement
Make his favorite surprise. Organize a serenade under the windows (you can find friends singing to help), get her on the balcony of the tree (if you do not live very high) and even simple, casually ask them to marry you.

The main thing - not too stunned to then not have to collect the body, after she kicks you in a pot of geraniums on the element of surprise. And do not overdo it with ease, if you decide to make an offer to passing. Let everyone be nice!

Scenario noisy engagement

The stadium, in a large company in the crowd in a restaurant - anywhere where a lot of people. Is not that courageous act - ask in public hands and hearts of his beloved. Not everyone is on his mind. However, if you're a joker by nature and always putting on a public escapades, better make a marriage proposal romantic or intimate, or you may simply not taken seriously.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings For noisy engagement can be attributed a great Engagement party. Throw a party named after his favorite - Call your friends LAYOUT posters and advertisements on the Internet. If you allow the possibility, organize interesting holiday through an agency. And then when you are beautiful and gentle dance do it in public or intimate proposal.

If you gently whispered in her ear the sacred words, and she agreed, must declare a fait accompli engagement to all present. This celebration will be a secret and will love how the two of you and guests.

We have not decided to write about engagements and weddings, and "the sixth page," we also have not opened. But who's stopping you send out an ad in newspapers and magazines to make a special personal website dedicated to your engagement (and then prepare for the wedding) and announce to the world about your happiness!
romantic engagement

Romantic scenario Engagement

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings Come up with some sort of romantic tenderness. A walk in the moonlight on the boat to the picturesque lake, the sound of ocean waves against the rocks, a Viennese ball, finally. Romantic can become almost any situation, but especially valuable are the details and characters that are understandable only two of you.

Stick the ring in her favorite cake or a glass of champagne in a cafe where you sit on a first date. The only limitation with the rings in the food and drinks - be careful not to distract greatly loved talking during eating treasured dessert, or spend the rest of the evening in the emergency room.

Intimate engagement

Without further ado, and theatrical gestures, just tell me how to love her and can not live without it. The severity of the moment and the tumult of feelings and emotions will remain only in your hearts.

The scenario of modern engagement

The modern fast pace of life and bustle. Make your favorite sentence in LJ or via Twitter. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign: "Let's get married!" And the next picture, confirming the intention to be a treasured little box with a ring in his hand.

In such a modern couple and the bride must be a response to match - with humor and on-line!
engagement onlineengagement online
Invent, amaze and turns life and his beloved in a fairy tale. Lighten up with happiness, wear funny t-shirts, notifying everyone that you are the bride and groom. If you do not know how to make a suggestion or doubt in his ideas, see romantic movies to fill the gap. Even banal sentence at the top of the Eiffel Tower for the two of you will be the sole and exclusive. Do not be afraid of romantic love dies, you still like you, no one will ever Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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