Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

A Whitewashed Autumn Wedding

Inspiration Board from Postcards and Pretties

With autumn and winter almost upon us, which is hard to believe in 25 degrees, I love these inspirations for autumn weddings and using the white washed palettes as opposed to the classic orange and red hues that we see so much of this time of year.

There is always something dramatic about an all white wedding and it can be combined with the softer colour palettes such as platinums, pale khakis and wheat colours.

The rustic charm is offset using beautiful white linens and tableware with polished cutlery,
a selection of mismatched glassware and interesting containers filled with simple white flowers.

I have noticed one of our trends for next year is to use many natural products for our tablescapes so we will be sharing our eco friendly finds and ideas with you.

For some fabulous inspirations you must head over to Postcards and Pretties and I will continue to sit here dreaming of cosy throws and hot cups of tea!

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