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ring is the symbol

The engagement ring is the symbol par excellence of a gift promise of marriage, a token of love that the bride wears the ring of the left hand. In the past, in many cultures, aspiring boyfriends offered an apple to the girl chosen as a declaration of love, while the ring was a symbol of the gift most challenging wedding vows : for the Visigoths and the Germans, for example, had the contract value bridal. The rings are the most classic solitaire, the river with small diamonds or the "Trilogy", consisting of three diamonds symbol of love past, present and future.
The tradition of giving a diamond ring as an engagement dates back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary to Borgondia dominated by a gold ring as a promise of a brilliant marriage. This royal tradition has remained alive through the centuries and give a loner has become almost a fixed stop on the journey of marriage itself: in fact, today about 70% of brides receive a diamond as an engagement ring!

The meaning of the diamond

There are different types of stones, and each has its own symbolic meaning. The choice of stone for an engagement ring can be dictated by the special intentions or feelings that the groom would send to his beloved. It has always been known that the stones racchiudno unique and profound messages that can guide her boyfriend in his choice:
Pietre dell'anello di fidanzamento
Stones engagement ring
Diamond: durability, solidity;
Ruby: ardent love;
Sapphire: fidelity;
Emerald: hope;
Aquamarine: lasting and happy marriage;
Beryl: strength of the bond of love;
Opal: true love.

Stones and zodiac signs

Each astrological sign is associated with one or more stones. So if the bride is careful to astrology, the groom can choose the ring according to these criteria:
Aries: ruby, sapphire, diamond;
Taurus: emerald, rose quartz;
Gemini: emerald, turquoise;
Cancer: pearl, tourmaline, moonstone;
Leone: diamonds, aventurine green;
Virgo: sapphire, diamond, jasper;
Libra: Emerald, Opal;
Scorpio: ruby, smoky quartz;
Sagittarius: lapis lazuli;
Capricorn: garnet, onyx, malachite;
Aquarium: diamond, amethyst;
Fish: aquamarine, amethyst.

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