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custom engagement rings

makeityourring diamond engagement rings Mineral called diamond faceted special way (cut diamonds there nearly a dozen). Makeityourring diamond engagement rings The classic Diamond-cut is a way to cut, when the stone round (it is the most expensive in diamonds) on the front side has 33 faces, but on the back - 24. This is the number of faces provides the fullest possible reflection of light inside the diamond. According to sources, in this type of cut required yet another facet of the bottom of the diamond, the so-called "spike" (acute lower part of the stone). However, this face is not mandatory, so the 58-facet cut is not a classic.

The characteristic "Diamond Lights" - a consequence of maximizing the brilliant reflection of light, which is due to the extraordinary purity and clarity of this kind of precious stones, as well as for the correct cut. Diamonds have such a huge popularity only after the jewelers have mastered ways to cut these gems. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings Uncut diamonds, probably due to a much lesser of their aesthetic appeal, were not as absolute leaders among precious stones, which now are considered to be diamonds.

There are other forms of cut diamonds (pear, oval, marquis, heart, princess, emerald, baguette), but they are much cheaper than diamonds round.

Buy diamond so Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings
At present. Brilliant - the king of rock and the gift of a diamond - the emperor of presents! Price / quality to find a better gift is simply impossible.

Brilliant - this is a gift that can give not only your loved one, showing the depth of his feelings. Well suited for diamond gift and relatives - this gift will be remembered for a lifetime and will facilitate the formation of the donor as a good location. Also suitable for diamond and a gift to friends and business colleagues (especially those who are surprised by some expensive gift is extremely difficult. This gift will show you that the extremely high rate of giving someone a diamond and set up for long-term best friendships or business relationships - from diamond Because of its strength as a symbol of stability.

In the piece of jewelry. Buying a diamond engagement rings separately and ordered directly from the jeweler making jewelry, you will save a lot of money. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings so jewelry will cost you less than purchased at retail, two, three or more times. With the same parameters of rocks and the product itself, or even - with the best diamonds. Plus, you will have more opportunities on the choice of the characteristics of diamonds and other precious stones for their products than if you bought a ready-made in a jewelry store .

Diamonds as an investment. The notion that it is worth buying diamonds, thus investing the money - it's pretty common misconception. First, novice investors are not familiar with the specifics of fluctuations in the price of diamonds of various sizes, color and clarity. Second, the mere mortals often not easy to find a good friend in a large jewelry company, through which could be advantageous to buy diamonds in exchange for special jewelry companies. A purchase in the retail diamond jewelry store - it's not the most sensible action in terms of investment efficiency. Finally, to invest in diamonds require much money, which does not have the most novice investors. In addition, the diamond is not so easy to purchase and sale operations - there is no fixed rate of sales, and commission agents can be quite significant.

However, many people believe that by investing in diamonds, it will be possible in a few years back the capital invested with considerable profit. In fact, it is possible, but it depends on so many variables that we can hardly recommend buying diamonds as a way to put good money, especially novice investors. In addition, most investment object appear large and very large diamonds.

However, already having a diamond rush to sell it is not worth it - diamonds are constantly, though not rapidly grow in value. Perhaps due to the fact that the Earth they have exhausted the number, perhaps - for some other reason.

The Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings characteristics of diamond

It is considered that the value of a diamond is determined by its three main characteristics:
  • Carat diamond 
  • color diamond
  • purity diamond (micro-chipped, cracks, bubbles, etc.)

Carat Diamond

Carat (from the Italian «carato») is the mass of the carob pods. The mass of this pod surprisingly constant, so in 1907 the 4 th General Convention of Weights and Measures was established unit of mass, called the "carat" and equal to 0.2 grams (that is how much weight carob pod, used in antiquity as the unit of mass) . In the USSR this unit of mass adopted in 1922. The term «Carat», denoting the weight of the stone is often confused with similar-sounding «Karat», which denotes the percentage of gold in the alloy (usage: "... 18-karat gold?," ... A gold ring 24 ct ... "etc.)

By weight of diamonds can be divided into three groups. Small diamonds - carat 0,25-0,29 before (according to different sources). Average diamonds are stones weighing from 0.30 to 0.99 carats. Major called diamonds, weighing more than 1, 00 carats. The cost of the stone increases with increasing weight. Large diamonds are sometimes used not only as decoration but also as reliable in the long term investment.

Color Diamond

By color diamond are very diverse - from almost colorless to dark yellow or yellowish-brown. In addition, there are enough diamonds with pronounced color hues: red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow. It is believed that colorless diamonds are more expensive and most expensive - with a slight blue tint. Colored diamonds are more common and are cheaper than their colorless counterparts.

Diamond color is usually determined by a special scale on which 1 - stones, devoid of any colors, and 9 - with a clearly visible yellowish-brownish tint. Deprived of all colors diamonds are extremely rare, in most cases, they have virtually invisible to the naked eye a yellowish tinge.

If you decide to buy a diamond or diamond jewelry, Is to determine what color purity diamond you want to buy: almost colorless (2-4 on the color scale), or a little-bit-colored (5-6), but with a more reasonable price.

Purity (defects) diamond: a diamond is better to buy?

By purity (defect), a diamond stone to understand the degree of freedom of micro-defects in it. Because diamonds are natural minerals, they always have any internal micro-chips, debris, small bubbles, and even cracks. Therefore, diamonds, absolutely devoid of any defects which do not exist. But there are diamonds in which any expression defects hardly detectable so that we can assume that they are almost faultless. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings -  Is also important, where in the stone are the micro-defects. If they are on the edges of the stone and will be almost completely hidden from the observer's eye after the tack of stone, the stone is much more expensive than a diamond, in which micro-inclusions and other defects are located in the heart of stone.

On a scale defects in diamond is divided into 12 groups. By 1-6 groups are diamonds that do not contain defects, distinguishable without magnifying glasses or a microscope. In the 7th group consists of diamonds, in which defects are visible when viewed from the simple to the naked eye, and 12 are the group of rocks, actively alive with splashes, that is almost completely filled with them.

Thus, the larger the diamond (the higher the weight), more than it is colorless and devoid of defects, the diamond is more expensive and less common. To buy profitable diamond, worth comparing these stones not only in weight, but also in color and clarity (these parameters are taken to indicate in the certificate to be attached to all separately-selling diamonds). In the certificate describes all the characteristics of a diamond. Only after a detailed comparison of all the features you can buy the most suitable for you rock.

It should be noted that in the world, there are several systems for determining the color and defects in diamond. For example, a world-renowned laboratory for certification of diamonds GIA uses an alpha-numerical scale. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

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