Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Glitter :)

I don´t think any girl can have enough glittery things.

For me it brings many lovely memories and I was delighted to find these fabulous glittery photos to share with you in Pinterest.

If you are girly and crafty like me then I hope you enjoy!

I am thinking tonight though with the beautiful sunlight we get here in Spain some glitter would not go amiss in our weddings next year, a bit of twinkle is always pretty and not necessarily reserved for Christmas so my brain is ticking away!

I have also earnt the lovely title of the Fairy Godmother of the Costa Del Sol, so perhaps some waving of the glitter wand might be forthcoming, but for now I will share these gorgeous photos with you and I will get back to my pumpkins, which you never know may even turn into carriages! :)

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