Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

A bit about us!

We are now bustling through, in the middle of our popular wedding season and I don´t think we have ever had such a busy month before, with many beautiful weddings being created, decorated, planned and coordinated here at the moment. Wings are flapping frantically, magic wands are being waved and ribbons are flying around as we create beautiful and magical days for our clients here!

We are having a lovely time and are thrilled to be receiving so many testimonials, cards, and emails from our clients, it currently feels slightly like Harry Potter! There are a lot of letters coming through the post box and magic in the air!

Here are a few thanks yous and testimonials we have received just this week from Puente Romano Hotel, the Butterfly Ball, and some of our recent weddings.

First was a beautiful card from Ingrid who got married yesterday at the Ritz Carlton Villa Padierna.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you, throughout the organising and run up to the wedding you have been amazing, you are brilliant at your job and I know you will never be short of business. All the best in your future again appreciate all your hard work and help"

Carla received this lovely testimonial from Antonia and Fady whose wedding we ´took over´ at the end of May, so they could relax on the day.

"We are so glad we had Carla as our wedding planner, she is utterly reliable and dependable, always responding quickly and thoroughly to our requests. Carla also has plenty of contacts so finding a great band or photographer is trouble free. Most importantly she is really lovely and flexible making organising our wedding hassle free, personal and as pleasant as possible. Even if you can manage without a wedding planner to help you organise your wedding, I´d really recommend having someone like Carla there on the day itself. She takes the hassle out of being the host, from dealing with suppliers, timings, to dealing with the inevitable unexpected issues, it just meant we could enjoy our wedding and not worry about a thing.

The Butterfly Ball that we decorated and sponsored on Saturday sent us this lovely email this week.

The flowers were beautiful thank you and the biscuits were divine and the giant cupcake was delightful and won by the 6"9 boxer Tyson Fury who planned to carry it all the way back to the UK to give to his wife and daughter! He was over the moon and a big thank you!

Fi was an absolute star and supported me to provide all these delightful goodies for the Butterfly Ball with a giant cupcake decorated with butterflies and 250 beautifully decorated butterfly cookies for our goody bags, I am indebited to her, the most talented and gifted cake maker and decorator here on the coast!

Finally last but not least is an email I received this morning from the Marbella Club for the Suite del Mar opening party

Thanks Laura it was a beautiful party and looked amazing

Fi was with two clients of ours this week and also sent us this email to us about two separate clients we have booked for September

Lastly I was speaking to Mairead and Sarah, both of them sang your praises and said they would be lost without you and sang your praises

Finally and I have to share this with you is my beautiful little daughter, Twinks aka Elizabeth at her school show the Feria del Verano last night, I did have to leave a wedding with Anoulka in charge to shoot off to see her La Bamba dance and it was such a lovely evening apart from her wedgie!

We are now embarking on our busiest week of June with some fabulous weddings we have worked very hard on with a very dramatic spanish theme, a gorgeous vintage style theme with peaches, ice blues and silvers, a silver shell theme at Los Monteros and the list is endless so pop back to see our lovely weddings being uploaded as we receive the photos.

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