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Reviva Weddings Planning Service

Reviva Weddings was set up by me at the end of 2007 and it filled a huge gap here in the market specialising in styling weddings and events offering a complete service including decorations, linens, flowers, stationery and all the lovely accessories it takes to make a special day perfect.

What makes us different? We are not florists that also do funerals and deliver flowers and leave, we specialise in weddings and events and are with you throughout your planning and helping you to create your individual style. No wedding is the same, every special day is unique to that couple and reflects their personalities, their dreams and of course their union as a couple which is a very special moment.

It is this high level of service that lead Reviva onto planning weddings, and it all started with the Los Monteros hotel shutting suddenly. Because I was working closely with some of our brides there to create their dream days it was me they turned to when this disaster happened asking me to find them new venues and desperate for help. I am a creative person and did not trust myself to become a ´planner´so I asked Carla, who is hugely organised and efficient to help me and the rest is history.

Carla took over the weddings and reorganised them all with a huge success and since this day she has been by my side eversince as the extremely organised and super efficient wedding planner managing many weddings for Reviva and I don´t think there is a better wedding planner on the coast here than Carla, albeit she can be quite bossy with me now and tells me off when I am slacking on the paperwork!

I know most of our suppliers here all say the same thing and rave about her which is lovely.

As this side of our business was launched two years ago, I think it confused some of our clients as we are of course still known as the wedding decorators, but to the delight of our suppliers and our very happy clients over the past two years, we are growing at a super fast rate and overseeing some lovely weddings with our planning and coordination services which Carla now heads up full time. We have even being booked to fly up to Barcelona to manage weddings there which has been interesting, very exciting and very successful.

Carla and I, together, are quite a formidable team and are completely devoted to creating our stunning weddings here with our fantastic team behind us and word is spreading fast! We both have extremely high standards and this is obvious in the weddings we create and manage.

We have received a lovely testimonial from Fady and Antonia who had organised most of their wedding here in Elviria at the end of May but just wanted a few loose ends tied up and someone there on the day. It was a stunning wedding set in a private villa with some fabulous suppliers such as Roberto Silvosa and these fabulous photos from Anna Gazda.

We do not tie our clients into any other services, including our decorations, and are happy to be the planners for the day, Fady and Antonia were already thrilled with their chosen florist and had all their details already organised, and seeing Roberto´s work and the result you have to agree was stunningly beautiful.

Here is their testimonial about Carla´s services for their day.

We are so glad we had Carla as our wedding planner, she is utterly reliable and dependable and always responding quickly and thoroughly to our requests. She has many contacts so finding a band or a photographer is trouble free. Most importantly she is really lovely and flexible, making organising our wedding hassle free, personal and as pleasant as possible! Even if you can manage without a wedding planner to help you organise your wedding, I would really recommend having someone like Carla there on the day itself, she took all the hassle out of being the host, from dealing with suppliers, managing timings and sorting out the inevitable unexpected issues. It meant we could just really enjoy our wedding day and not worry about a thing

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