Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Delightful Shabby Chic Style Wedding in Benahavis, Marbella, Andalucia

Rachel first contacted me at the beginning of this year as she was setting up a company specialising in villas for wedding particularly around the Benahavis area and was also planning her own wedding.

It was at this time she found the fabulous Cortijo de los Cabellos and started her unenviable project of updating this venue.

Talk about a busy lifestyle, having just had a little girl that has just turned one, Rachel seems to grab both horns and get on with it with the most amazing sense of energy, style and taste, and I am thrilled to have got to know her over the past 6 months and do admire her artistic eye.

Nothing surprised me when I showed up to do the twinkly bits at her wedding to see her in her bikini and sarong bustling around and doing the last minute touches to her own wedding day, is was beautiful and she had emailed me a few times to ask my advice, in particular the last few touches of adding the fresh green to the blue colour scheme she already had in place.

The end result as you can see was beautiful and so shabby chic, so much style had been bought into her wedding from the bowls of granny smith apples to the fabulous cupcakes by Lola´s cupcakes to the charming bowls of turquoise heart shaped chocolates and the beautiful birdcages she had created.

In fact the list is endless, there were die for table covers in a pale blue rose organza, another detail queen for me to revel in which was fabulous!
We love the photos taken by Anna of this glorious day and all the lovely details to share with you of Rachel´s hard work and our twinkling bits! I think there will be a job here for Rachel should she decide she wishes to use her skills, but she did email me thanking us for our input and also mentioned she had no idea how I did this day in day out with the heat!! There is a magic wand waving all the time here on the Costa del Sol albeit I get hot!

Anna, thank you for the lovely gift but still cannot bring myself to test it until I have a clear week!

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