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Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings , gift to a loved one with a diamond ring, just expresses special appreciation and to symbolize the longevity of love. Diamond engagement rings is The most popular love symbol is without doubt the heart, usually in the color of love red but it is a mistake to assume that so that our body is meant that beats in our chest. The heart is much more of a stylized version of a fig or later, ivy leaf, which is already in the 3rd Millennium BC as a symbol of love was. In the love of medieval literature, a red ivy leaf was for the love and spread so common throughout Europe as a sign of love.

 The wedding ring was a simple ring, mostly iron and it was a symbol of powerful love and an indissoluble union.Different times and cultures, the wedding ring can be worn on the right hand to left hand ring fingers or thumb Today, engagement rings and wedding bands are usually brought to the left ring finger. A belief that a vein would connect the left ring finger to the heart is at the origin of this tradition and was transmitted to us by the Greeks.
 Over time and fashion, the engagement ring will be increasingly worked. It uses silver, gold or platinum for its design and are served gemstones, precious stones. The diamond, known for its strength and its brilliance is the eternal favorite, but the sapphire is also coveted for rings because it is the common symbol of sincerity and faithfulness.

The use of engraving on the ring body is used to deliver messages of love more or less secret and spiritual.If the engagement ring is more fanciful, the wedding ring is designed to be simpler. Indeed, the alliance remains sober and elegant. A simple circular ring of precious metal, a metal link continuously without beginning or end, a symbol of eternal love. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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