Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Macaroons or Cupcakes?!

Wedding world is in turmoil as the once humble but gorgeous Macaroon is overshadowing our favourite cupcake!
Sex and the City started the cupcake boom but Gossip Girl has fetishized the humble macaroon, with Starbucks recently carrying a limited edition of macaroons, it seems the little french confections are everywhere!

And how delightful they are too with these gorgeous sorbet colours presented in delightful boxes. They are certainly becoming a popular choice for weddings this year, although I have yet to see them at one of our weddings but working on this one and need to find a supplier here in Spain that makes them, as they will make a wonderful addition to a candy desert table.

My 'thing' though is the packaging as always, to have these macaroons presented in to die for gorgeous boxes tied with some fabulous ribbons and I would be in heaven if presented with one of these at a wedding!

Whilst I blog away you must visit some sites I found today, Bobette & Belle and La Duree, well worth heading over to take a look

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