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John Edwards Allegedly Had Secret Affair & Fathered a Child with Rielle Hunter 

John Edwards makeityourringdiamondengagement rings, a Democratic presidential candidate, is now rumored to have impregnanted a woman by the name of Rielle Hunter, who is allegedly his mistress. Hunter was linked just a few months ago to Edwards in an alleged cheating scandal, and is now six months pregnant.
makeityourringdiamondengagement ringsAccording to The National Enquirer, Hunter has told a close confidante that Edwards is the father of her child. Not only is Rielle expecting, but she's now also gone into hiding witht he assistance of a former Edwards aide. Rielle has relocated from the New York area to Chapel Hill, NC, where she is living in an upscale, gated community near Andrew Young, a close friend of Edwards who was a key official in his previous presidential campaign.
In a weird twist, Young, who's married and has a couple young children of his own, is now claiming that he is the father of Hunter's child. makeityourringdiamondengagement rings. However, many speculate that Young's paternity claim is a cover-up to protect Edwards.
John Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and battled a recurrence this year, has since joined her husband on the campaign trail. Such a strenuous lifestyle is not ideal for someone currently battling cancer, and leaves us with another big question: is Elizabeth joining him on the campaign trail to keep an eye on her husband?. With just about three months left in her pregnancy, and the candidates on the verge of the primary season, one can't help but wonder if a cover-up is going on.
In 2006, Rielle Hunter was hired by the Edwards campaign to produce a series of videos, costing them $114,461. MAKEITYOURRING DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS The point of them was to give viewers and voters an authentic look at the North Carolinian, however, shortly after he announced his 2008 Presidential aspirations, the footage disappeared from the web. A website she had called "Being is Free" ( also curiously was shut down just twenty days after receiving her final payment from Edwards' One America Committee.
Rielle issued a statement to The National Enquirer denouncing the rumors, and insisting that the father is Andrew Young, however, a source says that Rielle told a much different story to them. According to the source, Rielle confided that she and Edwards had a secret affair and that he is her baby's real father, but indicated that Rielle would do anything to protect Edwards.
Edwards at best rates third in polls of the Democratic Party presidential candidates, but still clings desperately to the hope that somehow he can pull out a win. However, with these allegations floating around, it's going to be a difficult uphill battle.Seo contest makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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