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kaos services

Kaos services is a practical clothing that is often used in a relaxed atmosphere. But many of us who forget or do not know how to care for shirt for durability. Here are tips on washing your favorite T-shirt to keep it durable and comfortable in use.


    Do not soak for too long
Just 30 minutes. Detergents can cause our favorite T-shirt screen printing on easily damaged. Whether it's 
shirts and men's wear women's clothing.

Separate when washed

 Separate between strong-colored shirts (black, red, blue, green) with other materials which is white. Avoid the possibility of smudging. Separate t-shirts are also very dirty with a not so dirty, because if mixed only later will transfer dirt only.

  Do not be brushed

If you wash kaos services when we brush too hard, it can damage the screen printing on t-shirts. Also avoid kucekan and feelings that are too strong because it can damage the pores of the clothes.

  Drying upside down and try not to wear hanger

Sunlight can cause the color of your screen printing t-shirts and faded. Therefore, before hanging the shirt in the wash should have been behind the first so that printing is not directly facing the sun. Time of season try not to use hanger for the neck is not stretched because services
when there is water weight can pull the neck until stretchy.

Avoid bleach

Bleach clothing usually contain very strong chemicals, which can cause the screen printing becomes faded 
and peeling.

Avoid washing with washing machine

We recommend that you wash KAOS it manually / by hand. Because the washing machine can make a stretchy T-shirts, screen printing easily damaged, and coarse pores. This is because when spun T-shirt will receive a load push-pull and friction with other fabric around it.


For durable always ironing shirts after washing and drying. Also make sure the shirts ironed at the dry state. Do 
not iron silk-screening the existing part because it could peel.

T-Shirt Cool is not to sleep

To be durable, do not wear your favorite shirt to sleep, this is because consciously or not you sweat in his sleep, this sweat can make us quick dirty shirt neck kaos serices.

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