Kamis, 10 Maret 2011


Maybe I should be flattered that someone loves my blog so much they feel compelled to copy it, not just a few features but literally word for word, photo for photo.

I adore my work, it is not work to me, it is a lifestyle and a passion for design and decoration particularly related to weddings, styling and events.

I love to share my finds, inspirations and ideas with you from all the hugely talented people around the globe plus our own weddings, so it is rather sad when I get someone that feels they can literally copy my blog.

You can see my copycat here on http://www.bestweddingideas.onsugar.com/

I have just requested this is taken down though so perhaps this link might not work though hopefully soon!

Anycase I thought I would just share this lovely photo with you as well to inspire you for the day from the hugely talented Selina Lake ;)

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