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choosing a wedding ring

Preferential Specialties ADA says, choosing a wedding ring as well when looking for a boyfriend. Why not, it's difficult nyari wedding ring. Apart from having fits and one heart, wedding ring should also be sweet and wonderful memories. It is understandable because the wedding ring is a sign of the expected bond lifetime love will be lasting.
As we all know the ring has started to be used as a symbol of the bond of eternal love since the reign of Pharaoh in Egypt. Forms a perfect circle without having the tip and the base identified as the eternal flow of love without stopping.
This custom was 'fading' in the Roman era. But back in the 18th century made popular. In this era has not worn a ring on the ring finger as it is now, but the wear on his left middle finger. What is the reason? The Romans believed there were blood vessels that flow through the left middle finger straight to the heart!
Preferential Accompanying the swift development of the privileged world of fashion, wedding ring experience a variety of remarkable innovation. The form which was originally just a simple round circle, from time to time adorned with various ornaments such as carving, motive or gemstone. Basic materials are now more varied. If at first made of ordinary iron, is now available in many variations, such as yellow gold, white gold (platinum) and titanium.
Especially for the type of ring is decorated with jewels, until now a diamond that symbolizes purity and eternal love is still the favorite. Two other options gemstone is ruby ​​red which symbolizes the heart, and sapphire blue symbolizes loyalty.
Although has undergone many developments, the wedding band basically consists of three main models, namely the circular ring plain without ornament, ring decorated with one or a few gems, and rings adorned with motifs such as tendrils or stripes.
Preferential Choosing a special wedding ring
1. Frequently 'browsing' into jewelry stores or see a reference in the magazine. Should start looking for about 2 months before your wedding. So you still have enough time to look, think, think and look back on a wedding ring that di'incar '.
2. Set a budget. You can prepare a budget of about 3-10 million.
3. Think 20 years into the future. Do not be afraid to be different, but make sure the chosen model is a model that still want to wear until the next 20 years.
4. Choose a simple and comfortable to wear. It is recommended to choose the ring is white and round shape diamonds. Since there is an angle that the beam is better.
5. Do a 'final fitting' ring size when you are calm and condition the body temperature normal. Do not do it in the morning. The finger will be slightly swollen, because your body still contains salt that is saved from the previous night. The size of the finger is also slightly changed after you exercise or when the body in a state of hot and cold.
Preferential Specialties 6. Your little fingers are advised not to marry memakaicincin The flared.
7. Choose a ring that is easily cleaned, so you can take care of yourself. If you ring model is quite complicated, make sure the jewelry store where you bought it can give jewelry cleaning services.
8. If you wear a platinum ring, avoid wearing it while doing rough work or sports, because platinum is easily scratched. Also avoid wearing a wedding ring when you work with substances that contain chlorine, such as bleach, disinfectant cleaners even contained in the pool.
9. Choose the jewelry store that provides services enlargement or size reduction, re-washing and polishing. (Various sources)

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