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Diamond rings stone

Diamond rings stone is the most precious gem. He is the purest form of carbon, which was created under high pressure inside the earth. The most popular cut shape is the brilliant cut. Their brilliance enchants every woman. Its hardness, symbolizing purity and authenticity of the relationship between a woman and a man, so he is most often chosen for engagement ring. Regarded as a holy stone, on which the patron has the Suns, the most powerful and indestructible force. Stands guard on the inseparability of faith and of the relationship, because he himself is pure and can not tolerate hypocrisy.

In the factories, the diamonds are produced imitations - zircons. Zircon is a synthetic glass. As Confucius said: "Better a diamond with a Macke as a simple glass without them."


This green Diamond rings stone is a symbol of cosmic vitality, strength and inner peace. He is highly respected in the jewelry market. Its green color is calming, strengthens the nerves, soothes irritability. He also has a healing effect on the visual perception - which has also been documented scientifically. It's a stone, "the God and loving people."
According to legend, the emperor Neron the fights of the gladiators through emerald green had been viewed.


Its name comes from the red stone color. In earlier times it was associated with fire, and he is a symbol of courage, love and mercy. Is a symbol of vitality and of the struggle as well as the passion, love and lust - that's the color of life, of being young and the permanence of love. In the past, they recommended him to the newlyweds, to protect them against the infidelity.
The ruby ​​has always been appreciated by the rulers of Europe. Ruby was created on the front crown of thorns to commemorate the martyrdom of Christ.


He is often referred to as the heavenly stone, because he has a beautiful blue color. He always symbolized immortality and purity. According to the Eastern religions it symbolizes wisdom, and the enchanted treasure trove of knowledge. It is a wonderful stone for those who wish to strengthen their relationship.
In the ancient Egypt and Rome, the honor of this stone was found, as the symbol of truth and justice.


Topaz - also known as a holy stone. Topaz stimulates the mind, facilitating concentration skills, helps with the elimination of obstacles and difficulties. His sky blue color symbolizes power and strength. It is a wonderful charm that is difficult to solve complicated problems and help you. Topaz as a gemstone beneficial effect on the mental development of man.


Amethyst symbolizes purity of spirit. For centuries, it was estimated that for its beauty as well as effectiveness. It protects against bad thoughts and insincere intentions. It is recommended for people who get angry quickly or are prone to depression. Amethyst is a symbol of power and happiness. This stone stimulates intellectual development.


Due to its yellow color of citrine is a popular jeweler and collector stones. Citrine boosts self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. It facilitates learning, gives you strength in the exams. He has also concentration and emotional characteristics. His color is associated with the sun, citrine is also a stone of optimism and joy, it gives heat and light. It helps with depression treatment.


Most frequently it occurs in blood red and glowing colors. This stone is stimulating and gives self-confidence and develops intuition. Garnet stimulates the erotic imagination.


Turquoise is an amulet of young women and young wives. People carrying the turquoise with them, have mental freshness, strength and serenity. Turquoise protects against accidents and misfortune, so it is recommended to most drivers. As a gift for the beloved real guarantees, clear and unchangeable love. If the turquoise is paler and grayer, it means that its owner threatens a disease or a risk.


For jewelry purposes, one gets the flowers of coral animals. In ancient China corals were a symbol of wealth, of privilege and high social status. The coral is a symbol of strength. It protects the owner, calms emotions and restores harmony. It arouses the emotions of love, warms and invigorates them. The coral fades when the wearer to suffer from anemia or malnutrition.

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