Kamis, 21 Juli 2011


Love and Surrounding net marriage as closely linked in a magnificent building. Indeed, I know I love it.In the past, the new first married couple in love. Family or relatives who usually measure the discretion of those couples who want to find each other. Now the couples who choose a different mate of their own. By this time love is a time when couples can measure the honesty and sincerity themselves.

But the meet and love before marriage is not a guarantee its partners can identify their own hearts. This is because during the meet, the couple is usually only exhibit themselves and keep good personal embarrassment. Love and marriage is considered necessary in married life. Love is a noble enough sentimentality yet beautiful, that grows in the soul given by Allah Almighty in every human being. It represents the actions that produce tenderness, love and kebijaksananaan especially in making decisions regarding the most beloved human.

    ... When love set in the household, the answer is harmony and understanding in the beatific

Thereby, when love was established in the household, the answer is full of harmony and understanding of happiness. In other words, without love means sacrifice does not appear to memayung their castle when the storm hit. So beautiful and joy of a wedding is suppose to be felt se based on love alone. Mutual love love, will make a couple more close to God .. This is a transcendent love, the only affordable by those who love seeking love.

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