Minggu, 10 Juli 2011


Genuine diamond ring she is only some than that in our collection. Some there again with my friends who became ejen and in deposits. During Insyallah from time to upload pictures I will add here.

The ring is suitable for them wedding  and diamond engagement rings, and most importantly to the workplace and keraian. Sometimes people we ni, like a diamond in store very famous shopping. Expensive is not playing anymore because the 'name' tavern fathoms our other features. Coming ni la Kelantan, and behold the greatness of products in our country, the same thing but the price 'faraway' different, Kelantan people call 'call not to hear' got lah! Same product, differing prices for famous names jer fathoms, no other Beza.

Rings  have also bought a diamond ring from overseas [non-overseas] time I engaged and married before but I forget at what price, even a big diamond eye only. Best of all, the life of Mr. Tehr happy because I have to pay taxes and I also investigated by the MACC. Nothing to make a police report perhaps.If at women, like rings too!

Backbiting Rings and shame others hawk never cracked lips talent in calumny, gossip. Worse, no matter where, even if there were a chance to gossip with the aroma of certain words will not say that terhidang miss.

O, The Rings what wants to be!

Ni was recently overheard a woman who was chatting with her friend. All the wild stories and alternately hurled abusive words. Koranglah happy I do anything. Furthermore, agitation, self-celupar own responsibility. Hmm diamond engagement rings ... was made man and the multiplicity of ways. However, it is up to ourselves to shape character.

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