Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Wedding

I found this wedding tonight on Facebook from Wedluxe Magazine.

A very different style to our previous post but again I have a client in mind who is getting married here in September when I saw this beautiful interpretation of a fairytale wedding and love the elegant airy and light underwater inspired details.

A very soft and sophisticated theme and love the use of the silver twigs and seaweeds plus the pearls and seashells and all the beautiful crystal details.

We recently did a very similar theme at the Los Monteros hotel all based around a beautiful seashell and starfish necklace our bride had especially made, we will be posting this wedding shortly.

I do think different textures on the tables make such a difference to the normal white table linens, white plates, glassware, etc that is usually provided. If a bride can add in a table cover perhaps in silver, tie the napkins with ribbons and a tiny silver starfish or pearl detail and just add some finishing details this just lifts everything and makes such a difference to the overall look of what I consider a finished table.

The only thing I am not sure about here are the crabs, I don´t think I would like to sit with one of these staring at me! Mind you I do suffer from a fish phobia as well as being allergic to tequila! That is it though I am not a complete phobic!

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