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diamond martapura

Diamond Martapura, The most prominent of Borneo are the result of natural diamond. Precisely in the area and Pengaron Cempaka, here every day the diamond was found by the miners. The most prominent is Trisakti diamond found by a resident about a dozen years ago. With the discovery of this diamond, causing the miners to get rich quick. Even the name Trisakti immortalized into a port name in Banjarmasin.

http://zamrud-khatulistiwa.or.id/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/intan62.jpgThe recent and quite famous is the diamond, named Princess Malu. It weighs 200 carats. A few days later is still raw diamond was bought by a businessman named Cindai Alus choice at a price of 2 billion. The next day the diamond was immediately received offers from a wealthy businessman from Jakarta with a fairly pantastis, ie 8 billion. Wooow ....! That price is still raw, you know. Imagine, how the price later if the diamond has been polished. The price will definitely exorbitant.

Although the diamond martapura mines of South Kalimantan diamond save a lot of content is great, but not every moment can be found. Which can be obtained each day was small diamonds are just enough to meet the needs of everyday life, sometimes within days of diamond miners can not find any diamonds at all. However, this did not dampen their move to work for sustenance due to find a diamond in the idealized nature are chancy. Either work hard or sober alone, when it comes to sustenance, then hasillah what they craved. That risk is so diamond miners.

Most of them are still raw diamonds are polished or traded in the City Martapura. There are two ways of selling diamonds in this Marapura. The first, sold in the shopping center gem. That is quite famous is the Earth Happy Shopping Centre Light (CBS). In this place sold various kinds of gems from the cheap to the exorbitant price. In addition to diamonds, at the mall CBS also sold various accessories, handicrafts, typical of areas up to Borneo as a medicinal herb from the earth peg.

The second way is known in town as Martapura riset diamond. Such trading systems are not displaying their wares at a diamond store, but the diamonds were kept in their wallets or pockets. The vendors are usually clustered in one place while showing off their diamonds belonging to people who are interested. It's easy to find these traders in the City Martapura. Ask any person who sells in the market Martapura they certainly knew his place.

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