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RINGS ASKMARA KANDA Products must be owned by a young husband who quickly "lost" when browsing the Ark or the husband suffering from premature ejaculation


    great erection
    Prevent blood from coming out through the channel and indirectly steady erection
    Maintaining the flow of blood and semen as normal.
    Maintain the tension
    RINGS ASKMARA KANDA Recommended by Tambi Dr.Ismail!

Dr. Ismail Tambi in an interview in the plan Womens todays has recommended the use of ASKMARA Kanda for their suffering quickly out semen or premature ejaculation. Dr. Ismail Tambi is a medical specialist known as a master of andrology expert involved in a number of important studies related to your pain. In the interview he explains how to restore the problem of premature ejaculation and how RINGS ASKMARA KANDA can help you!

Many husbands who quickly "lost" when browsing the ship or cause premature ejaculation. Ways done by the husband to overcome, for example by increasing the density of erection with kemutan and move in a controlled while holding the stimulus is being enjoyed. Sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.Now with RINGS ASKMARA KANDA can attach to erection penis erection and more compact than enhance the ability to delay ejaculation.

The instrument is made ​​from natural rubber Malaysia and has been patented for the purpose of enhancing an erection and delay ejaculation. The study was done three years ago with the old prototype shows a man who quickly lost to delay ejaculation to a level that is comfortable for both partners. It does not give any negative effects. RINGS ASKMARA KANDA memantapkan erection. No side effects and proven effective through studies saintific. Safe and easy to use. Rubber does not prohibit sexual relations and not interfere with private members womman.Ia maintain an erection and make a full erection when blood collects in the muscles of the penis.

Use RINGS ASKMARA KANDA at the base of your penis during full erection. Note the very bottom. RINGS ASKMARA KANDA has a groove for the convenience of users. To add ASKMARA sensation and Kanda in sexual relations, you can use two or more RINGS ASKMARA KANDA

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