Rabu, 20 Juli 2011


Ring, This morning my mother and 2 n my aunt went to jewelers, je ni kat big river, with the mission of making my engagement ring purchase. Actually I n my mother gone ni shop last week, and today I actually have a ring amik in booking last week. Last week I will be fiancee, ila, for he knew the ring size 11. When I try last week feel like kecik je tu, so for more konfem more bawak Posted ring back to the try either ila tu same size not to ring at the booking last week, tu. So, sebetunya ila ring size is 13 not 11, differ much.
I went the normal gold shop JE, going gold shops habib, space of kong to, betel nut to I can not afford it. Clerk jobs lash ni je, where la da money to buy my kedai2 like that. If kedai2 like that must kurang2 ring price equal to my monthly salary. If you have a month salary to buy a ring for any je tu month I want to live, eat, want byar keta, rental Posted longer. So I bought it my ability to follow the JE.
I have a pair, ring, engagement ring and inquire. How much for all the rings tu? sorry, I do not talk right, when the price can rise to talk macam2 bukan2 prejudices and assumptions. Ila was I not to know, wait a quasi-new at my wife so I tell. I can only tell RM1K below.
cincin Beli Cincin Merisik dan Pertunangan

I purposely made this picture grayscale follows my instructions would not want my fiancee. I do not want him to know camna tu ring shape. If I knew later I again la Surprise At first, I want to making shopping malls division ring, ni, ila going to buy and go shopping with the mother or want bawak the two once went shopping sama2.
If I go shopping with ila, I do not know it at apa2 about the ring and the price, I think ila also the same, he did not know much. So, it can cause problems, and Maybe can be level with the gold shops lak tu. If you go shopping with mother, my choice Maybe not the same as ila. Maybe tastes elderly mother choose to. If you go bawak the two went shopping, other problems can arise Maybe, later consented to this mother, ila not consented to the seal. Disagreement pulak, danger that, not so soon to be son-pulak. The result, I went shopping with my je, assisted by my aunt. Auntie I can give young people guidelines which tastes pretty and which not.
Completed phase 2, that is making like a ring. Phase 1 before, tell mother I engaged. Phase 3 of the next is to see parents going to Malacca ila mother expressed the desire of this heart. Non-ila la mak parents do not know, we just want to see sweet right, be it mother facing her parents.

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