Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Ice Pops and Cake Shooters!

Sometimes it is difficult to think outside the box and create new ideas for weddings and parties.

To be perfectly honest I have not had much time over the past few months to do much scanning of latest trends and new, fun novel ideas. Many of the blog posts I have seen are now too samey, albeit pretty just churning over the same fashions over and over again, a big kick is now needed in wedding world to get out of this rut of vintage suitcases, postcards and typewriters!

I personally think Retro is the way forward :)

Having witnessed the seventies revival in fashion with the maxi dresses plus large floppy hats seem to be a big hit this year on the beach as well, let´s bring back the seventies goodies we used to enjoy! I was thinking today that ice pops now would be a big hit at weddings, given we are now spending everyday (sorry!) in plus 30 degrees. Obviously more sophisticated grown up versions could be created and whilst googling this idea I came across this cool idea of Cake Shooters at Sprinkles. What a brilliant idea and the next step up from a cupcake perhaps?!

What do you think? Having googled this idea it appears they are not easy to make and I have seen some disasters, but get this right and it would be really fun for a wedding!

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